Big Life Changes

Hey, it’s been a while huh?

So big news! I graduated college! That’s a pretty big deal!

Honestly, college was the longest, wildest, most life-changing experience I’ve ever been through. These past three and a half years deeply changed me as a person. I learned so much about myself and my role in the… universe? For me, college showed me what I was passionate about and how I could use my talents for my life and career. It taught me about how I relate to other people and how to handle my anxieties and still function as a semi-normal person. I could talk about all of that, but honestly, just watch this video. (It’s long, but I had a lot to say.)

Anyways! I’m home for now, with my parents and little sister, and I’ve started my job hunt! I’m really excited to see where my career search leads. I’m at a very exciting period of my life, but also a bit of a scary one; mainly, because there’s really no way of knowing what my future looks like right now. I’m a perfectionist and a bit of a control-freak, so not knowing what’s ahead can be really scary. However, I’m really excited for my future, for finding the right role, finding my own place, (getting a cat!) For now, I’m trying to live in the moment, take a little bit of a break, and take things as they come.


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