Why I love historical cities

I recently had the opportunity to visit Savannah, GA (again!) Now, if you know me, you’ll know that Savannah is one of my all time favorite cities in the continental United States. And basically the biggest reason for that is that it is a big old, beautiful, historic city.

Savannah was founded in 1733, 285 years ago! As a bit of a history nerd and definitely a hopeless romantic something about walking around a city with that many stories in its foundation appeals to my sensibilities. It for some reason fascinates me. There’s just something about walking down the cobbled streets of River Street or stepping into an old building that acts as an instant time machine, teleporting me to the days of early colonial America.

Now don’t get me wrong, Savannah’s history isn’t without it’s share of darkness and I know it can be risky to romanticize the past. But despite the negatives present across our nation’s history, walking around old towns makes you identify with the ideas of those early immigrants to the United States and you can just imagine how they must have felt leaving everything behind to start in a brave new world.

It’s still exciting being there, standing in building that have existed long before I was born, hearing floorboards creak, imagining how it looked before pavement, and cars, and computers… and there has been and always will be that good southern hospitality.

This isn’t meant to make a statement of any sort. Just a young girl’s rambling of love of an old city and the historical figures who built it from the ground up. That’s pretty neat if you ask me.

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