Health & Fitness Goals

I’ve been finding it helpful and motivating to talk about my goals on my blog. Something about publicizing my plans and goals makes me more determined to at least attempt them and keep up with them. I’m not even certain how many people read this, but it feels like people do and those people are helping keep me accountable.

That being said, one of my new goals is to do something after work in the evenings. Now that places are opening up again and many people are vaccinated, it feels safer to go out and do things again. My current routine is just simply to come home and make dinner, watch TV, and go to bed. But this is boring and not very productive or fulfilling. At the beginning of the year, my goal was an hour of doing something creative every weekday. I’m still doing that (at least a little,) but I’d really like to get out there and find some activities to fill my evenings after work.

I would like to start taking dance classes again or try yoga or barre classes. Back in late high school/early college, I had a pretty decent workout regime. I was probably the healthiest/strongest back then, so it’d be nice to start going to the gym semi-regularly. It’s going to be really hard to get back to where I was from a physical health standpoint, but I genuinely love exercising and haven’t done it in so long. My friends and I go hiking a lot and I frequently find myself out of breath when we’ve just started, so my goal is to improve my endurance and stamina. This probably means I need to start doing some cardio, which is unfortunate, because… I hate cardio.

Growing up, I had 15 years of classical ballet training which kept me physically fit. I at one point had dance class 5/7 days a week for an hour or more. I never did other sports like soccer or lacrosse which usually involve a lot more cardio. Ballet required me to have high stamina, but not necessarily endurance, like running, biking or swimming would. When I started going to the gym I would avoid cardio because it’s HARD and exhausting, even though I know it’s important and really good for you. So if anyone has some tips, please let me know.

I feel like for the past two years my life has basically just been working for the weekends. But there is a decent amount of downtime between when work ends and when I go to sleep. There isn’t really anything stopping me from actually doing something during that time and I think that it would make me a happier person. Plus I can be healthier too! I’m actually really excited about this which says something about my mental health, because for a long while the idea of exercising has sounded like such a chore. I hope that this blog motivates me and I actually can stick to this new goal! Stay tuned I suppose!

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