My Goals for 2020

Hey what’s up hello! It’s a new year and like every other blogger on the planet I’m going to share my 2020 goals.

1.) Spend more time on creative pursuits.

I want to consciously and consistently dedicate time to working on independent creative projects. Since I started my full-time job the time I spend working on passion projects has steadily declined. I haven’t uploaded to YouTube in months, I never work on creative writing, etc. I want to start a podcast with a friend… The list goes on! There are so many things that I enjoy creating so this year I want to prioritize that. My original goal was an hour a day, but the first and the second have already passed without me dedicating any time… so… we’ll see! This blog post is a good start!


2.) Read more books.

I barely read at all last year and I feel so bad about it. I watch too much TV and YouTube and I want to read more! My stack of “to read” books is less of a stack and more of a mountain at this point so, time to turn off the TV and open a book. Plus, reading will help improve my writing as well, and as I mentioned above I want to spend more time writing as well.


3.) Save more money.

Already messing up this one two because I treated myself on my birthday to three video games from the Steam sale. However, my goal is to actually put aside money this year and stop spending anything extra on video games  and clothes. I am a terrible saver and I know its a really healthy habit to have so this year I’m making it a priority. I also want to start tithing to my church, but I can’t do that when I spend all my extra cash on extraneous stuff.


Those are the main three! A bonus goal is to just be kinder to myself, which I touched on in my Instagram post. I’m too hard on myself. I read a really awesome article in The Everygirl, one of my favorite websites, about always striving to have all your ducks in a row and the pursuit of perfection and it really resonated with me. This year I’m going to try to give myself grace and remind myself that I don’t have to have it all together.

Happy 2020! Let me know some of your goals if you have them! May your year be safe, happy and healthy!

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