Top 5 Favorite Starbucks Orders

I’m sitting in Starbucks and I wanted to do a bit of a less formal more fun blog post because why not?

So here are my top five favorite Starbucks orders. (In no particular order.)

*Disclaimer I like black coffee, or just generally less-sweet coffee so keep in mind that you can always order these the normal way or even add cream, sugar, syrup, etc.


  1. Pike’s Place – I love a medium roast coffee. Sure the blonde roast has more caffeine and the dark roast changes on a regular basis, but I can always rely on good old Pike for that caffeine dose that I need.
  2. Americano – When I first started drinking coffee I was intimidated to order an Americano, I don’t know why it just seemed like on an elite level of coffee that I wasn’t qualified for or something, but Americanos are stinking amazing. (It’s literally just espresso and water, but so good.)
  3. Vanilla Soy Latte with one pump of vanilla – If I’m feeling especially sweet I’ll order this hot beverage. It’s literally so delicious, like drinking a liquid sugar cookie.
  4. Iced Coffee with soy milk and one pump of vanilla – Again back to my obsession with vanilla. I don’t get iced coffee a lot, I prefer hot black coffee, but one of my roommates turned me onto this delicious beverage and it was too good to not make it one of my new faves.
  5. Iced Coffee with light milk – for a less sugary iced beverage I turn to just plain old iced coffee and milk. I can sometimes drink it black, but I prefer at least a little bit of milk, this coffee beverage is perfect for a hot summer day.

So there you have it. Not super varied, I stick to what I like. And you can never go wrong with plain old black coffee. Let me know if you try any of these or what some of your faves are!

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