End of Semester

Well, I’ve almost made it. The hardest semester — hardest year really — of my life is finally coming to a close. In some ways it feels like it’s taken forever to get to this point, but in other ways it feels like it went by so fast.

This semester has been incredibly challenging for me. As it comes to an end though I can’t help but feel grateful, not just that it is ending, but that I have learned so much.

Not only have a learned a lot academically, but I’ve also grown as a person. I feel as though I am different from how I was at the beginning of the year. This school year has forced me to face so many of my fears and honestly, learn more about what exactly it is that I am afraid of. (But that’s a story for another blog post.)

Of course, I have some regrets, but overall, I am incredibly proud of how much I have accomplished this year. I will still be in Gainesville finishing up those pesky gen-ed requirements, but then this fall I will be taking classes that I am truly excited for.

I’ve also discovered new passions, such as my passion for creating and editing YouTube video which honestly, came out of nowhere, but I adore doing now. And of course, I’ve continued with my life-long love of writing and story-telling.

This year has been hard, yes, but it’s been a learning experience and for that I feel blessed.

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