Stream of Consciousness

I’ve always loved the idea of stream of consciousness writing. Where you write with little regard for punctuation and just let your thoughts fill the page. So that’s what this blog post is going to be about. Since I haven’t written in eons. LIterally eons, I know, I’m sorry. I warned you that I’m terrible at keeping up with things like this. But I don’t want to quit so here I am. Being a college student is hard. (See? Stream of consciousness switching topics at the drop of a hat) You’re constantly surrounded by other people doing a lot of amazing things. I guess that’s just being a human, but in college it feels particularly local. I overhead a girl talking about starting a journal and it reminded me of how I haven’t written in my journal since…. let’s see…. *imagine me taking out my journal and checking* …December 1st. Wow. That’s pretty bad. It also reminded me that I haven’t written a blog post. BUT I have started a YouTube channel… and that’s kind of like a blog. Vlogs, I believe, are what the kids are calling it these days. But yes. This blog post does have a point other than me wanting to write “stream of consciousness style” I wanted to talk about creativity and complacency which are topics that have been weighing on my mind lately. And yesterday a tweet spawned me into thinking about it again. It’s hard to phrase this in a way that makes sense so… here’s the tweet:


I mean credit to the above twitters for their content? I don’t know rules about posting tweets on your blog.
But I just really identified with dear Amy’s tweets. Especially with the bottom one. I never want to be content with complacency, but I often am. Hence, my youtube channel that I made:
I do want to write more. I need to write more. So I guess, expect to see more posts here from yours truly. But right now, I need to pay attention to my Reporting lecture, so au revoir!

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